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3 Reasons a Programmable Thermostat is a Winner

20 October 2014

Thanks to advances in technology, and smart new innovations -  you can now set and forget your air conditioning. For most people building a new home, programmable thermostats are extremely popular.

But it's not just for new homes.

Many home owners are looking to upgrade their technology and to shift to air conditioning which allows them to control the temperature of their home environment at certain times of the day.

This is such a great option as we go into summer. Let's look at 3 reasons why the programmable thermostat will be your new best friend this summer.

1. Comfortable Home Environment

Depending on your home air conditioning selection, you can configure your thermostat can be configured to set your home to a comfortable temperature 15 to 30 minutes before arrive. Have it ready at just the right temperature to greet you as you arrive. This saves you having to blast it when you get home, to 'catch up', which will save you energy overall.

2. Save money on your energy bills

Eliminate the need for adjusting the thermostat before bed and when you wake up. This can lead to real energy savings for you and your family. The ability to program your schedule into a thermostat leads to maximised savings by scheduling reduced conditioning or heating while your home is empty.

3. Fewer Thermostat Adjustments

You can automatically have your home at the temperature you want at any time, including when you wake up in the morning. Another benefit is knowing when your house cools naturally overnight, and allowing it to switch off while you and your family are sleeping. No need to get out of bed!

Take a look at our comprehensive and quality range of air conditioning programmable thermostats with the industry's leading brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi air conditioning and LG.

To begin a complimentary conversation with one of our air conditioning specialists please don't hesitate to get in touch with J.E.C leading experts in air conditioning Sydney.

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