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J.E.C employs full time employees, from refrigeration mechanics to professional engineers and is supported by a number of associated quality subcontractors throughout NSW.

3 Reasons a Programmable Thermostat is a Winner

Three stand-out reasons why installing a programmable thermostat system is the way to go.

Home Air Conditioning for hottest summer on record?

It's spring! Time to think about home air conditioning for your family as the temerature begins to soar. We take you through the key questions.


Is ducted air conditioning right for your home?

Making a decision about the best way to air condition your home can be rife with “um’s” and “ah’s” – and with a hot Sydney summer approaching, it can feel like the pressure is on! While ducted air conditioning is known for providing the most powerful cooling throughout an entire home or office area, one size does not always fit all.

Air Conditioning Service: Speed up the process with 3 easy questions

To speed up your air conditioning service, try to determine and describe key aspects of the problem when phoning in, and have your observations at hand when your experienced air conditioning technician arrives.

Let's look at 3 easy questions that can make all the difference.

Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Facilities

Some great tips for facility managers on how to keep buildings warm during winter months.

Winter at Home: How to Reduce the Cost of Heating?

Let's look at 5 ways you can reduce the cost of Heating & Cooling in your home.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Part 2 - Coils

Air conditioning maintenance is important - Learn how to clean your air conditioning coils?

Why we LOVE Daikin Air Conditioning

Daiking Air Conditioning is all about intelligent design and innovation but what makes their Ducted Air Conditioners and Split System Units so special?

Air Conditioning Maintenance Part 1 - Air Filters

Maintaining your air conditioning system is important - so how to clean your air conditioning filters?

Top 5: Air Conditioning FAQs

JEC Air Conditioning specialists provide answers to our top 5 commonly asked Air Conditioning questions.

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