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Air Conditioning Service: Speed up the process with 3 easy questions

11 August 2017

There's that deep Winter chill that has just crept in - Brrr! Similarly you'll quickly feel the impact when it warms up and your air conditioning unit isn't being its friendly, operational self. Getting in early for a much needed air conditioning service is important. To speed up your repairs, try to determine and describe key aspects of the problem when phoning in, and have your observations at hand when your experienced air conditioning technician arrives.

1. Is it a new problem, or has it become a problem over time?

The answer to this question will assist diagnosis, and help to nut down the problem. Problems such as coolant leaks, blockages of the outdoor compressor unit for example seem to happen over time. Other problems such as thermostat failure and electrical issues tend to occur suddenly - and are easier to recognise! Having an idea around how long it took for the problem to develop will be extremely helpful.

2. So your unit is operational.. What happens after it starts up?

Often this can be the most difficult thing to describe. Is it making 'unhealthy noise?'. Similarly you will quickly recognise if your system is failing to provide adequate heat or cooling! Your air conditioning technician will need to operate the system and witness for themselves. Providing your experience even over a phone consultation can be helpful to determine possible causes.

3. Earth to air conditioner - Does it attempt to start?

In most cases where an air conditioner doen't even begin to run, then this can generally be narrowed down to an electrical problem. Often, if an air conditioner doesn’t even try to run, this in itself will narrow it down to an electrical problem that keeps it from being able to do so. This is another important piece of information indeed. Another potentiality is a thermostat that is faulty - therefore not sending the 'start' signal through. Once this is detected the air conditioning technician can determine how to repair the ignition or next step. 

Whether your air conditioning problem is easy to describe or best seen in person, getting your air conditioning system serviced is a no-brainer! Once a proper diagnosis is made, the repair part is easy - especially when you're dealing with air conditioning specialists like JEC in Sydney.

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