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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has a range of air conditioners to suit any application in the home, office, school room or workplace. Models include wall mounted inverter air conditioners through to multi split systems and fully ducted systems.

Mitsubishi Electric distributes a complete range of air conditioners, including the popular Mr. Slim range, which are used for domestic heating and cooling through to sophisticated large scale systems for commercial and industrial applications. Stylish designs offer a sophisticated unit for every room and are so quiet you will not even notice them. The unique air cleaning system brings you clean fresh air at all times while also providing a high performance unit with reduced electrical consumption. The perfect solution for office or home air conditioning.



Daikin Air Conditioners Daikin is a world leader in air conditioning technology. For more than 70 years, Daikin has been combining research and development in the fields of mechanics, electronics and chemistry to produce air conditioning products that are practical, efficient, quiet and economical.
  • Energy Savings - A Daikin Inverter is a much more advanced technology that operates differently. It works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power. It reaches the desired temperature quicker and maintains it without wild fluctuations.

That means uninterrupted comfort and significant energy savings. Daikin's revolutionary inverter technology provides air conditioners that are considerably more powerful yet use much less energy than conventional units.

  • Quiet Operation - Daikin air conditioners are among the quietest available. Daikin has incorporated many unique design improvements into components such as the outdoor compressor, motor and fan to ensure that noise is not an issue. For home air conditioning, Daikin is ideal for medium density homes such as town houses, etc.



LG Residential Air ConditionersLG Electronics can boast "The Worlds Top Sales Five Years in a Row!"

The outstanding quality of LG air conditioners is recognised all over the world. Each LG Unit is manufactured to the highest quality and adopts the latest technology, including Gold Fin protection on the outdoor coil and optional Telo-control and RF Remote controller. All units come with a 5 year warranty for home air conditioning, and two year commercial warranty.

Using your technically advanced wired and wireless controllers you can control the temperature, fan speed or unit operation from where ever you like. (Wall controller location dependant).

LG Units are versatile and come with the latest control and defrost equipment.


Fujitsu General

Air Conditioner range from Fujitsu "Australia's favourite air", Fujitsu has the largest range of air conditioners in the market. Available in conventional and inverter systems, reverse cycle and cooling only, they are virtually maintenance free, but still come with Fujitsu's famous 5 year warranty. Another great home air conditioning solution.



Actron Air 100% Australian, Actron Air. The largest and most successful Australian manufacturer of reverse cycle, ducted air conditioning, Actron Air conducts extensive research to develop systems that are most appropriate for the particular demands of the Australian environment. A leader in the home air conditioning market - when you purchase an Actron Air unit you are purchasing reliability and peace of mind.


Ducted Systems

Ducted Systems are availableThese systems are totally concealed within a ceiling void and feed the office areas in question via ductwork and grilles. The main advantage of these systems is the flexibility of how many areas can be fed by one large air handler e.g. One system may be capable of feeding six separate offices or one entire floor dependent upon the size of the plant. This system is also aesthetically pleasing.

Whole House Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Ducted Reverse for the Entire House Offering all the benefits of split type models and a great deal more these are a great solution to your home air conditioning needs.

 The distance between the air intake and air outlet vents can be varied to allow the airflow to be positioned in the optimum location.




Reverse Cycle / Split Air Conditioners

Reverse Cycle Split System Air ConditionersThese systems double as a heater and air conditioner. They are often wall mounted, but also come in ceiling mounted models like this one which can be mounted to both. Great for the office and for home air conditioning.

Air curtains

Air Curtains are becoming increasingly commonAir Curtains are the perfect way to provide your premises with a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment while saving energy.

These latest units represent a complete model change and incorporate technical innovations like the compact Extra Fan and the powerful Twin Nozzle that make them quieter, more efficient and more powerful.

Not only are they ideal in conventional applications in offices and stores but they are also highly effective in circulatory and zoning applications in a wide range of open spaces, such as gymnasiums, bowling alleys, halls and lobbies.

Air Purifier's/Dehumidifier's

Air Purifier's and dehumidifier's remove air borne particles such as dust and mites. They also remove odours such as tobacco smoke, petrol, animal smells and cooking odours. Air Purifier's will also eliminate mould and house hold damp.

Air Purifiers are common for urban areasde-humidifyers are being used for those sticky summer months
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