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Home Air Conditioning for hottest summer on record?

24 September 2017
It’s spring! Have you thought about your home air conditioning?

While things have started to cool this week, we have witnessed a start to spring that has felt much more like summer.

As the affects of the weather system El Nina start to fade, experts have suggested that this could be our hottest summer on record.

With Sydney hitting a record top of 45.8 degrees last summer, Australian families are looking to gear up for that more traditional Aussie summer.  You know the one - Sitting in front of the TV, fan going full-blast…

Or, if you’re prepared you can feel cool and relaxed in every room of your home.

We’re off to a warm start already so if you’ve been thinking about how you and your family will stay cool, there’s no time like the present to assess the state of your home air conditioning.

Some things to consider:

•    Size of your home – the size of your home will determine the size of your air conditioner

•    Upstairs VS downstairs heating – there are a number of different factors that go into finding the right balance of comfort for your home

•    Does your whole house need cooling, or is it just one room in particular that gets extra hot!

•    Home air-conditioning maintenance – does your existing air conditioning system need a health check? Was it effective last summer?

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