High Rise

Our high-rise projects include both residential and mixed development use. Most projects utilise our design and construct capabilities to ensure that they get the best value option for their specific use case. To give you an idea of our experience, we have completed projects ranging from multi-level apartments to multi-level commercial use in heritage buildings.

Some projects were refurbishment of all mechanical plant whilst the building itself was still occupied. While most A/C contractors want everything cleared out of the workplace during installation to make their job easier, JEC Air understands disruptions from your perspective and try to carry out as much as possible with minimal fuss.

That's one of the reasons why we take extra care in project management and logistical planning - so you can get on with your work with minimal disruption.

Our streamlined systems enable seamlessly smooth delivery on the job. Our team is equipped to deal with any troubleshooting immediately, so normal life can continue for you while we work.

Coulson Street
Neue Towers
Pagewood Silkari

Pinnacle Apartments
Summer Hill - Flour Mill Estate


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