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Is ducted air conditioning right for your home?

18 July 2017

Making a decision about the best way to air condition your home can be rife with “um’s” and “ah’s” – and with a hot Sydney summer approaching, it can feel like the pressure is on! While ducted air conditioning is known for providing the most powerful cooling throughout an entire home or office area, one size does not always fit all. Split systems are another popular option, which can allow for room-by-room cooling control, and are generally a cheaper initial cost. Exploring your options is going to be the best bet for finding your solution to the proud Aussie challenge of keeping your home a cool and enjoyable haven through the beloved and infamous summer heat. To guide you on your air conditioning journey, here are some important things you can know about the most popular air conditioning systems and how they may fit – or not – into your Sydney home, budget, and lifestyle.

The discreet way a ducted air conditioning system fits into a home is the first thing you’ll notice it. Inside the home, all you and your guests will see of your ducted air conditioning is the external ‘louver’ mounted on the inside wall. With varying styles available, they are often a small and sleek design unlikely to interrupt the arrangement or look of the room. Easy on the eyes and the ears, the heat exchange unit for the ducted air conditioning – which includes a fan, the culprit for air conditioner noise – is installed inside the walls, along with the ducts themselves. Outside the house, just one compressor unit will be installed to source the ducted air conditioning for as many rooms in the house as is wanted. For split systems, an outside compressor unit is required for each and every air conditioning unit installed, meaning that there must be an external wall behind the individual units - and ideally not the front façade of your Sydney home! Split systems are also reputed for being noisier to run, because of vibrations from the fan against the plastic or metal housing which is inside the room. In case of the dreaded summer air con break down however split systems have the advantage of operating independently – meaning only one unit or one room would be without cooling while you look into getting it fixed.

When it comes to the extent and ease of control you have over the air conditioning in your home, different systems will work for different lifestyles. For some, the room-to-room installation of individual split system units means the best control. The flexibility to install individual units to particular rooms over time may fit best into budget or long term renovation plans, rather than the prospect of a large investment for ducted air conditioning for the entire home at once. Having the ability to control each room’s own split system unit may be desirable as well – for instance, having independent temperatures between bedrooms, or switching off the unit entirely if a particular room is not in use. The latter can be achieved with ducted air conditioning as well, with options for ‘zoning’ as a feature in some systems. This allows you to program different areas of the home so that they may have varying temperatures, or be turned off or on independently from the rest of the system – this feature may cost a little more at the initial investment, though will save you long term by avoiding unnecessary cooling. Ducted air conditioning also allows for the coveted ‘set and forget’ of technology, utilising a thermostat which will respond to the current temperature of the room to achieve and then maintain the ideal temperature as set by you. 

When figuring out which pros and cons will apply to you, consider how you use your home: is there a particular room, or few rooms, that are being used the most – or is the whole house generally occupied, spread across rooms? Would you be happy to plan your day, perhaps having a noisier split system cooling a room in anticipation of use, or do you envisage your ducted air conditioning helping you co-host a Sydney Sixers game? Some people say that ducted air conditioning can circulate cooking smells… and others say that their (dear) freeloading teens are too keen on their split system unit if they can control it from their own bedrooms. Another worthy thought is to check for any rebates your energy provider may offer, often dependent on the chosen system’s efficiency.

Whichever ducted air conditioning system seems right for you, a high energy star rating and a purchase through a reputable Sydney outlet will make the most of your investment. Efficient power usage will save you dollars in the long run through your electricity bills, and the planet in the long run through smart and green technology - and making your purchase through a trusted Sydney air conditioning expert will give you confidence in your final decision and see you through installation and any future maintenance. Get in touch with our qualified team of air conditioning technicians today!

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